Cartoon type - Color Circle Pet Stickers

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Please attach a picture of your pet you would like us to draw.
*Upload an image of your pet's entire body
*Image size should be 1MB - 8MB in size.

Please fill in the name of your pet.

Please choose your desired font type from the list below.

Font List
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Font 2
Font 3
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■ Product Details ■

Cartoon Type Stickers are hand drawn by our designers from a photo of your pet to create a cute and one-of-a-kind style. The stickers are available in two sizes, 100mm Circle or 150mm Circle, and are UV and rain resistant, making them ideal for use as car stickers.

  • You can choose from 100mm or 150mm Circle Sticker
  • Easy peel
  • UV and WATER RESISTANT vinyl sticker

【How to order】

  1. Choose the size of sticker.
  2. Choose from a set of 3,5 or 10 stickers.
  3. Select the colour of the background you want.
  4. Attach a picture of your pet you would like us to draw.
  5. Fill in the name of your pet.
  6. Choose your desired font.
  7. Click on the Add to cart button to checkout.
  8. After order placed, you will get our automatic response email. Then  you will receive a digital image proof of your artwork design within 2 to 5 business days.
    Production (Printing) time for stickers usually takes 3 to 5 business days.
  10. After completed printing, your sticker will be dispatched directly from print factory.
    Australia Post Standard delivery then takes.

■ About images you submit

We will create a sticker from your favourite photo. Please attach an image of about 1MB in size, when you order.

  • Please submit a photo of your pet's entire body. If you don't have a photo of your pet's entire body, we will create the image within the limits of what is shown in the photo.
  • The image you sent to us should be smaller than 8MB.

   Optional Product to add-on   

It is advantageous to order an additional Mini Sticker sheet with the same design.

These small stickers are UV and rain resistant and can be used on any small items, such as mobile phones, pet items, etc. Click here for more information.